July 3, 2013

Summer Lovin' RaT: Day 3 - Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee + Page 99 Test


When faced with the question 'who is your favorite fictional female character?', I instantly panic. It's not a good idea to ask my what my favorite ANYTHING is, ever. I can never make up my mind or commit to just one answer; I'll end up listing just about every possibilityAlas; I finally decided to go with one of the many, MANY characters I enjoyed reading about: Penryn Young from Angelfall by Susan Ee

I've chosen Crystal Reed to represent her, although in my head, they're way different. It's that kind of thing, where I would just KNOW that's her, that's Penryn if I were to ever see a picture that resembled what's in my mind.

When I'm in the middle of reading a book, everything is fresh in my mind, and I can think of all the things I just adore about a character, how I imagine them being, and how close I feel to them by the way the story is written. Currently; not so fresh in my mind. Why do I love Penryn? She's extremely caring about others. You can see that clearly in her thoughts and actions when it comes to her sister all throughout the story. She's bad ass, as many of my favorite female characters often are. It's awesome to see a girl who isn't constantly acting like a damsel in distress, but is instead trying to do something for herself, whether it be physical fighting or actually using her head to keep herself alive. I also love how she's able to do all this even when she's not quite sure of herself.


Page 99 Summary: The narrator, who I believe is Verity, writes about the only times when Queenie and Maddie (I think?) saw each other. She also talks about trying to undo somebody's knots, asking for more time, and being worried about the material she is writing and giving to Linden, fearing it is not enough.

I would definitely continue reading based based only on this page because it seems like there's a lot of back story that Verity talks about, which I feel might either: 1) be irrelevant or 2) tie up the story in some unimaginable way. I really want to know what happens to her as well.

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