July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin' RaT: Day 5 & 6 - Progress + Hound Dogs & Summer Flings

I read 60 pages of Let the Sky Fall, and finished the last 130 pages of She's So Money on the first day. 
I read 194 pages of Second Chance Summer, too. Finished books; Where Things Come Back, Graffiti Moon, and Going Vintage. They're all pretty short books though! Seriously though, whenever I sign up for readathons I end up reading less than usual- IT'S A PROBLEM!

Today's participation post is called "Hound Dogs", as in, what book bad boys do I love? I feel like this list pretty much goes with the "Summer Flings" challenge because, well, bad boys are hot. xD It's the truth and there's no denying it.

My #1 choice to fill both of these is.. Daemon from the Lux series. I bet you saw that coming, huh? If you've read the Lux series you know there is an insane amount of sexual tension in EVERY book. But you can't deny that even after all the sarcasm and attitude, Daemon is just SO sweet. I mean, sure, he acted like a jerk in the beginning, but he's just so adorable and I'm not even sorry for admitting it. In Origin (the fourth book, which comes out Fall 2013), the cover is all about Daemon, as you can probably already know.

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