Hey guys, my name is Alexis (but I usually go by Lexi on the internet, simply because I'm more comfortable with it), and I'm a high school student who LOVES books. I've always enjoyed a good book, and I've been into YA literature for quite a few years now. Recently, I finally, FINALLY, got up the courage to make this book blog, where hopefully I'll be able to share my enthusiasm for reading with all of you!

Some other things you might want to know-
   - I love watching tv shows & movies, but I usually have to marathon them or I'll get totally behind. (& then rage quit)
   - I love teaching myself all sorts of things; I've done TONS of different crafts in my life.
   - I adore fruit, any type, and I constantly snack on it. (way too much sugar cough cough)
   - I created this blog when I got a new laptop for my birthday (June 21, 2013), but if you look at my intro, you'll see that that my first official post wasn't up until early June 22nd. But still, I think I'll just say my blog & I share birthdays. ;D

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  1. It looks like we have some stuff in common. I love crafts and teaching myself stuff. And I am a high school student that loves to read (the reading part should be obvious). Umm, so yeah. If you need any help with blog related stuff, (or if you just want to chat about books...) feel free to ask. Welcome to the world of book blogging! :)

    Emz @ Icy Cold Reads