July 1, 2013

Summer Lovin' RaT: Day 1 - Intro & Teaser Tidbits

Hey everyone! My name is Lexi and I'm a new teen book blogger living in a big city in California. (By the way, it's extremely hot today, but since I currently don't have AC, I'm blogging from outside.. YUP, it's hotter in my house than it is outside. Feel my pain yet?) At this point in time I pretty much only read YA, but I'm definitely hoping to try new types of books sometime in the near future. Young adult books naturally appeal to me, due to my lacking attention span, and I don't have many recommendations of books in other genres, so what can I say? Bottom line: I'm addicted to YA. 
I started getting really into reading when I picked up my first Nancy Drew (you know, the older, yellow, hardcover ones?) book in my elementary school library. It's pretty much been a struggle to not spend every waking moment reading since then, due to books being the main thing that's always there for me. *dramatic silence*

During this week I'm hoping to mostly read contemporary books, maybe even some revolving around summer. However, choosing which ones to read.. GAAAH.. that's a very real struggle, considering the seemingly-endless options I have. I'll probably end up picking something up and start reading it before I can have the opportunity to even THINK about changing my mind. I'm a very indecisive person; it's a very dangerous trait.
I have a ton of library books checked out right now, so I'm going to try to refrain from reading the e-books on my Nook and instead get through the physical books I have. Some of the ones I'm leaning towards:

  • Grab the book you're currently reading (or recently read) 
  • Open to a random page 
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page  NO spoilers allowed! Choose passages void of spoilers. The goal is to entice, yet not ruin the book for others! 
  • Share the title & author, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers! 
  • Link up your post here.

She's So Money by Cherry Cheva
I picked this up last week, not knowing a single thing about it, and I finished reading the second half of this today! (I only stopped reading it because I started other books for the debutathon last week) I thought it was a cute & humorous light read that I some of you may enjoy! :)

"They say when you're about to die, your entire life flashes before your eyes. Well, now I know when you're about to kill someone, the same thing happens." (p. 251)

NOTE: This teaser is just silly; no deaths occur!

"And these pictures you drew are weirdly hot."
"I don't disagree," I said. "By the way, I'm charging you for the highlighters I bought."
I think he might've said "I love you" as I walked out of the classroom, but the hallway was noisy, so I couldn't be sure. (p. 163)


  1. OMG it's hotter inside ur house than outside!? X_X i would die, especially with the heat in Cal *my aunt lives there and came here to get away, now she's all wet in NY :P*

    You know what i just realized...I've never read a Nancy Drew book O.O EVER. and YAY for YA addicts :D EEK, we both have that indecisive trait Lexi, I never know what to pick & constantly change my blog design *i've had @ least 15 designs* and it's dangerous but then again with SOOO many YA books coming out each month, it's just TOO many to pick just a few to read >_<

    :O nice contemporary picks, I've heard really great things about each of them! I'm really pick with contemporary books,but i need to catch up there. LOVE the teaser you picked! Never heard of the book, but will have to add to the TBR pile ^_^

    -Yeah, this was a LONG comment :P Anyways, much <3
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ [My Read-a-Thon Post]

    1. Oh gosh yes, I feel like I can't breathe .___." GRR, I feel like it makes reading harder because I'm moving around every 2 seconds trying to get comfortable in the IMPOSSIBLE stuffiness. I read SO many Nancy Drew books, that I eventually started to read these more modern ones from the library- totally different vibe though. I have SOOO many library books checked out because I can never pick just a few and I feel so bad because I feel like I'm hogging them xD I'm super picky too.. I used to mostly just pick the contemporary books that were on the "top read this week" list on goodreads or had good ratings because I feel like they're usually either AMAZINGGG or make me fall asleep and get me into a reading slump. BEWARE OF CONTEMPS! DUN DUN DUN.

  2. Wow - that teaser is not what I expected from the cover. Color me intrigued. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland
    Pink Lady

  3. That teaser is very inciting! I hadn't heard of this book before. Thanks for sharing!!

    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction
    Pink Lady

  4. Wow, great teaser! Wouldn't have expected that either. Definitely putting that on my TBR list!

    Maz @ Living in a Book